About Europaforum Norra Sverige

Europaforum Norra Sverige – the four north counties are co-operating to influence politics at an EU level Europaforum Norra Sverige is an arena for politicians at a local, regional, national and European level.

The forum is arranged approximately twice a year. The purpose is to increase knowledge and awareness of European politics amongst the political organisations in the four north counties and to influence the areas which affect north Sweden. The north of Sweden is extremely sparsely populated with long distances and a barren climate and those unique conditions is the starting point for the work done by the organisation.

The activities aim to strengthen the possibilities of the regional political level to participate in the framing of the future cohesion policy. It is a work in close co-operation with the four länsstyrelserna. The responsibility is shared between three reporters from each county. 

The purpose is:·             

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of european politics amongst the political organisations in the four north counties. Developing the collaboration between municipal politicians and the representatives for the county council as well as co-operation between members of the Swedish parliament and EU-politicians in issues which have a European dimension.
  • Influence the areas of the European politics which affect north Sweden.
  • Integrate the European politics with the local political agenda at a local and a regional level.
  • Bring issues concerning Europe closer to the citizens of north Sweden.

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