North Sweden contributes to the surplus of the union

North Sweden can continue to add up to the common good for the whole union by the usage of the structure funds:

  • Clean nature and good environment.
  • Safe social environment.
  • Developed IT-infrastructure.
  • An important part of the European cultural heritage.
  • High skill in traditional as well as innovative areas, i.e. tree- and pulp industry, mining, space research, mineral research and telemedicin .

A region with great potential

Developing echo-tourism, arctic dimension, clean water, hunting, fishing, indigenous population and cultural heritage, mountains, forest.

Co-operation between regions close to the national border, Kvarken/MittSkandia, Barents, MittNorden – for example co-ordination of rescue corps and health care across borders, a unique regional partnership, distance education. 

Innovation climate
Create a climate suitable for entrepreneurship, especially female entrepreneurship, high skilled labour, research, development, good physical infrastructure, employment, IT. 
Renewable recourses

New technology
Tree- and pulp industry, distant work, mining, space research, mineral research and telemedicin
Ore and minerals

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